Today in the city Palm Springs 27.05.2017
Super secret 'space plane' booms back to Earth after 2-years in orbit

A mysterious military "space plane" returned to Earth on Sunday after a more than 700-day mission, announcing its arrival with a window-rattling sonic boom heard over a large swatch of central Florida...

Secret U.S. Space Plane Lands With A Boom In Florida

For a secret aircraft, the X-37B wasn't very stealthy about its return to earth. The space plane was launched in 2015.

Unmanned US Air Force space plane lands after secret, two-year mission

The U.S. military's experimental X-37B space plane completed a classified mission that lasted nearly two years, the Air Force said.

The GOP's brilliant new plan to copy Canada's immigration system

President Trump is a man who prefers blunt instruments: He thinks he can solve America's complex immigration issues with a "big, beautiful wall." Meanwhile, two members of his party — Sen. Ron Johnson...

Venezuela opposition rejects Maduro plan to rework constitution

President Nicolas Maduro's plan for an elected assembly to draw up a new Venezuelan constitution faced headwinds on Sunday, when opposition parties refused to join the process amid continuing violent...

US military's secret space plane lands with sonic boom in Florida

Unmanned X-37B, which looks like a miniature space shuttle, was in orbit for more than 700 days before landing caused sonic boom heard across stateThe US military’s experimental X-37B space plane land...

GOP Governor Laughs At GOP Plan For People With Pre-Existing Conditions

Republicans are having a hard time defending the way their health care plan would weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions. They got no help on Sunday from one of their own, Ohio Gov...

West Virginia airport reopened after cargo plane crash

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A runway at a West Virginia airport reopened Saturday after a propeller plane carrying UPS cargo crashed, killing the pilot and co-pilot.

Inside the Mid-Century Modern Home Where Elvis and Priscilla Presley Honeymooned

Today would have been Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. Take a look inside the classic Palm Springs home where they spent their honeymoon.

Mom Thanks Flight Attendant Who Calmed Her Baby After 'All Hell Broke Loose'

After their daughter became fussy on a flight, a couple flying earlier this month was pleasantly surprised with a flight attendant’s kind offer. On April 19, Whitney Poyntz was on a WestJet flig...

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