Today in the city Palm Springs 24.11.2017
What we know about Devin Kelley, the suspect in the Sutherland Springs church shooting

The suspect in the shooting at a Texas church on Sunday was identified as Devin Patrick Kelley. Kelley was a 26-year-old white man from New Braunfels, Texas. After killing at least 26 people in the ch...

The Latest: Mass Shooting In Sutherland Springs, Texas

NPR's Noel King gets the latest details of the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, from NPR's Colin Dwyer.

White male in his 20s kills dozens at Sutherland Springs church – video

At a press conference, authorities in Texas have described how a young, white male gunman attacked a church in Sutherland Springs, killing 26 people and injuring at least 20. The lone suspect, we...

From Texas: A Look At Law Enforcement Response To Deadly Sutherland Springs Shooting

More than 20 are dead in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Kelsey Bradshaw, a reporter from San Antonio, speaks with NPR's Noel King about the church shooting.

Newt Gingrich: Why Trump's tax plan has me feeling so optimistic

The tax relief and job creating provisions included in the Republican plan will continue to grow the GDP and help even more Americans realize their dreams.

Greater Palm Springs Launches Production Incentive Program (EXCLUSIVE)

The Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau has launched a production incentive program with $100,000 in annual incentive funding. The program, launched through the bureau’s Film O...

Rich millennials are ditching the golf communities of their parents for a new kind of neighborhood

A new type of housing community known as "agrihoods" are popping up around the US. Agrihoods are built around working farms and are replacing the once-popular golf communities favored by Baby Boomers....

Antalya Festival: ’The Turkish Way’ Celebrates Turkish Culinary Creativity

ANTALYA — One of the Antalya’s Fest’s most hungrily-embraced new elements is the launch of its Culinary Cinema section, this year featuring the road trip-foodie love story “The Turkish Way.” The...

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